Ship component reconditioning

Jobson Italia’s machine shop is primarily concerned with the reconditioning of ship components, operations carried out with highly specialized skills and state-of-the-art, next-generation machinery. We are able to supply components for the marine industry with recertification, a guarantee of quality and reliability issued by the leading Classification Bodies in the international shipbuilding industry.

We provide ship spare parts for routine and extraordinary maintenance operations to restore the proper functioning of propulsion systems and on-board equipment of any type of ship. We also make reconditioned and certified marine engine parts for naval service and repair work, with an efficient emergency service that can respond to any port in the world quickly.

Ricondizionamento Componenti Navali | Jobson IT

Reconditioned and certified ship engine parts

The process of reconditioning ship engine components provides multiple advantages, with significant benefits in terms of high value for money, faster availability of spare parts for maintenance and repair, and the supply of components no longer in production. Jobson Italia combines the production of naval systems and components with the remanufacturing of spare parts for large ship engines, offering a full range of solutions for every need of shipping companies.

Our workshop is an innovative nautical engineering center that can meet any need of the marine industry, dealing directly with the design and implementation of the reconditioning of nautical components according to each customer’s requirements. Our reconditioned components ensure the highest standards in quality and efficiency to optimize the productivity of large ships and reduce vessel downtime in port.

We also have a large warehouse for storing spare parts for ship engines and shipboard equipment, with a wide assortment of reconditioned components ready for shipment to any port in Italy and the rest of the world. Jobson Italy’s services also include inspection and repair work, marine engine rebuilding, boiler restoration, and specialized maintenance activities such as ultrasonic cleaning of large air coolers.

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