Naval Mechanical Parts and Components

Jobson Italy provides the highest quality ship parts and mechanical components with which to carry out any maintenance work on large ships in all ports around the world. We are highly specialized in supplying replacement parts for marine diesel engines, including components for stabilization systems and azimuth, stern, and bow thrusters.

We make reliable and high-performance marine mechanical components, fine-tuned in our marine engineering center by a team of skilled engineers and technicians. We offer spare parts for large ship engines, including components for cruise ship, ferry, and cargo ship engines. We are engaged in the production of naval systems and components for supplies to the maritime sector, with everything needed for routine and extraordinary maintenance.

Naval supplies of excellence for marine diesel engines

We provide everything needed for ship maintenance, service, and repair, making replacement parts for marine engines of all ship types, such as pistons, liners, atomizers, intake and exhaust valves, thermocouples, and filters. Jobson Italia’s machine shop is also involved in the rebuilding of marine engines and the reconditioning of marine components, with recertification accredited with the most important Classification Bodies.

With our spare parts, all kinds of work can be done on marine propulsion systems, and we also offer accessories for marine engines and on-board supplies of marine equipment such as radar, gyroscopes, and automatic pyrotechnics. We are a leading company as a supplier for marine engine repairs, both for marine services and scheduled maintenance of large Japanese- and European-built diesel marine engines and for emergency response operations.

We also provide spare parts for ship boilers, steam turbines, electric engine components, refrigeration systems, radiators and heat exchangers, air conditioning systems, and shipboard piping. We also carry out storage and warehousing of ship parts for large ships, with reconditioned and certified products for shipboard and naval supplies ready to be shipped to any port in the world.