Production of Naval Systems and Components

Jobson Italy is engaged in the production of naval systems and components, providing the maritime industry with naval technical supplies of the highest quality and reliability. We are able to rapidly supply ships at all major national ports through ship deliveries to Naples, Livorno and other Italian ports.

We can also supply naval components and systems to ports all over the world, thanks to a comprehensive global presence. We also have naval warehouses for storing spare parts for large ships. All marine systems and components are manufactured to the strictest international standards, with careful design at our specialized marine engineering center.

Produzione di Sistemi e Componenti Navali | Jobson IT

Italian naval supplies of the highest quality and precision

Jobson Italia ‘s naval systems and components make it possible to perform any routine and extraordinary maintenance work, carrying out scheduled repairs and replacements efficiently and quickly. Ship components are made by a team of experts from a technical and engineering perspective, using state-of-the-art machinery and advanced next-generation technologies.

After production at the La Spezia plant, naval technical supplies are stored or shipped worldwide to meet every need of our customers and partners. We make marine equipment such as radars, gyroscopes, automatic pilots, and sirens, while also providing spare parts for compressors, turbochargers, and oil separators, including valves, pistons, vanes, nozzles, and filter regenerators.

Jobson Italia’s naval supplies in La Spezia can also be used for ship servicing and repairs, services we perform on any type of ship and in any port in the world. At our highly specialized workshop, we also deal with reconditioning of ship components, with qualified personnel for marine engine rebuilding and emergency services for inspection and repair activities.