Naval engineering and quality

Shipbuilding technology is constantly evolving to provide high value-added solutions to companies operating in the maritime sector. Jobson Italia has a team of highly specialized professionals in the field ofmarine engineering, able to guarantee the highest quality standards of products, services and processes.

We assure all of our customers of the best naval technology available on the market through a staff of highly skilled and experienced engineers and technicians working in our naval workshop, major investments in state-of-the-art machinery, and ongoing training of our employees.

Innovazione, Ingegneria e Tecnologica Nautica | Jobson IT

The ultimate in nautical technological innovation in Jobson Italy services and products

That between innovation and boating is an inescapable pair, the goal of which is to prolong the operational life of vessels through high-tech solutions. From efficient marine repairs to reduce ship downtime and maximize productivity, to supplying ship parts that ensure excellent performance, Jobson Italy’s marine engineering allows you to take advantage of the countless benefits of the best technologies and innovations in the maritime industry.

Our engineering approach can also offer the highest quality ship parts, such as diesel engines, valves, pistons, L.O., H.F.O. and D.O. filter regenerators of high precision and reliability.

With this internationally recognized engineering know-how, we carry out ship component reconditioning work in a highly professional and efficient manner, with recertifications from leading independent Classification Bodies. We bring innovation to all the projects and boatyards we deal with, providing nautical service and repair services to restore any type of ship in any port in the world.