Jobson Italy provides excellence in marine services for companies in the maritime industry, thanks to deep know-how, highly specialized skills and newly developed advanced equipment for quality marine engineering. Our naval technical services include ship repairs and refitting, providing all-around support from supplying spare parts for diesel engines of large ships to ship servicing and repairs, including emergency service.

Our workshop carries out restoration, refurbishment and reconstruction operations of ship components and systems with the utmost professionalism and expertise, including the reconditioning of ship components with recertification at major Classification Bodies. Our specialized teams can intervene on any ship and in any port in the world. We also have an extensive stock of reconditioned and certified components always available for any routine and extraordinary maintenance needs.

Excellence in ship refitting and marine engine repair services

Jobson Italy provides ship refitting services of the highest standard, restoring ship components and systems guaranteed by appropriate international certifications. Through professional refitting, it is possible to cut the costs of ship maintenance and repairs, speed up turnaround times, and reduce ship downtime in shipyards and ports, as well as the ability to remanufacture components that are no longer in production or are difficult to source.

At our workshop we take care of the repair of marine propellers, carrying out operations to check and restore these critical components for ship propulsion. We carry out repair of marine engine heat exchangers, working on any type of naval heat exchanger. We also carry out repair of marine engine control units, restoring the electronics of propulsion systems for proper operation of the vessel.

For the ship refitting business, we are able to produce ship systems and components of the highest quality and reliability to meet any need in naval refitting. We also have a wide assortment of ship parts and mechanical components for repair and service work. Jobson Italy’s services also include marine equipment, technical consulting, and storage of ship components for large ships.






Our services at a glance

Here is a summary of the services offered by Jobson Italy:

  • Turbocharger spare parts: motors, air intakes and exhausts, vanes, nozzles, bearings, pumps;
  • Compressor spare parts: valves, pistons, plate-springs and gaskets.
  • Marine equipment: radar, gyroscopes, automatic pilots, sirens, halon-carbon dioxide fire extinguisher service;
  • Oil separator spare parts: L.O. regenerator filters, H.F.O. regenerator filters and D.O. regenerator filters.
  • Navigation repairs: service, technical advice and support;
  • Storage and warehousing: ship component parts.