General conditions: Products

  1. The general contract’s services(herewith named “conditions”) are to be considered binding
    for the client (hereinafter called “ customer “). In case of conflicts between clauses will prevail sub signed ones.
  2. Accepting the general conditions, customer will agree to receive from Jobson Italia(hereinafter called “supplier”) technical/mechanical supplies of granted quality for each individual kind of spares requested by customer
  3. The purchase order will be accepted by supplier with written confirmation and cannot be cancelled without supplier authorization. In case of verbal orders the delivery note(D.D.T. Documento di Trasporto) signed by receivers will be considered as P.O.
  4. Expedition expenses will be charged to customer unless different agreements.
  5. Goods will be granted either by supplier or by its sources and guarantee will cover only goods sold
    Guarantee exclusions :
  • improper installations of goods
  • fitting of goods by third party not authorized by supplier
  • accessories used to install spares not recommended by supplier
  • Fitting of inappropriate material used by customer’s representative/workers.
  • Faults and defects caused by loss of strength of components, improper use of it and /or useless perishable goods used by customer.
  • Damages caused by defective/ unsuitable equipments.
  • Any claims arose for faulty goods must be notified to supplier immediately after
    delivery. In case of wrong supplied materials customer will notify by written letter/mail within one week from receipt of material/spare.
    Supplier has the right to verify the problem and to decide to replace the eventual defective material.
    In any case the customer loose the right to claim goods after 60 days from delivery
    As alternative to replacement and in case of faults only, the supplier will accept to credit the involved amount to customer after his acknowledgment of fault.
    No other kind of reimbursement can be claimed.
  • Delivery terms are not peremptory, obviously supplier interest is to supply in shorter time as indicated into offers. Force majeure and Act of God are not demanded to both parties. The deliveries are considered completed when the same are handed directly to clients, to their representatives and/or couriers as indicated by them.
  • Prices submitted are comprehensive of taxes if intended for vessels ; for E.C. supplies taxes to be added. Payments are due at receipt of goods, except different agreements. If payment are not remitted in due time, interests to be considered according to Italian Law and all relative expenses to recover the credit. Security rights are maintained by contractor until full payment recovered.
  • Privacy : follow legal note
  • Contract is regulated by Italian Law . Any disputes between parties are demanded to the exclusive competence of La Spezia Court.