Company: what we do

Jobson Italia srl, a company active in the navalmechanical sector, is highly specialized in the supply of spare parts for Japanese and European-built naval Diesel engines: liners, pistons, cylinder heads, atomizers, valve seats, intake and exhaust valves, bearings, filters, thermocouples and what is necessary for naval maintenance.
Our workshop is mainly engaged in re-conditioning of ship components with re-certification of the same with major Classification Bodies.

We have work teams, highly specialized in marine engine rebuilding and emergency response,so we can intervene in any port and on any ship, inspection and repair work is required.
We have a large stock of such reconditioned and certified components ready to be shipped by any means deemed appropriate.

Since 1990 Jobson Italia srl has been an international reference in the field of marine mechanics. We are a competent and reliable partner for our clients, cooperating with major companies active in the maritime industry. Jobson Italy is among the leading providers of routine and extraordinary maintenance services, able to meet any need quickly and anywhere in the world.

We are a company highly specialized in supplying spare parts for Japanese- and European-built ship diesel engines. We provide a range of components essential to the proper operation of any type of ship such as liners, pistons, heads, cylinders, sprayers, valve seats, intake and exhaust valves, bearings, filters, thermocouples, and whatever is needed for ship maintenance.

Jobson Italy ‘s flagship location in La Spezia includes both offices and our Workshop space. We also have offices located in Oman, Singapore, Morocco and China with which we provide support and assistance to all our international clients.

We are able to ensure the highest excellence in products, organization and customer satisfaction, as evidenced by prestigious certifications and awards such as ISO 9001:2015.

Jobson: number of employees and business steadily growing

Jobson Italy has highly specialized teams with technically and engineering-savvy staff and deep know-how acquired over the years. Our staff is able to deal with the rebuilding of marine engines and provide emergency services, with the ability to intervene in any port and on any ship, carrying out all types of inspection and repair work.

Jobson Italia’s staff is constantly growing, with new professionals being added to the workforce to accompany the company’s international expansion. We are a fast-growing market leader worldwide, able to provide our partners and customers with a one-stop solution for every need for highly qualified assistance in the shipbuilding industry.

To improve in-house skills, we invest in research, development, and training, providing our clients with specialized and cross-functional professionalism with which we can carry out all kinds of interventions efficiently and safely. We also have state-of-the-art equipment and machinery with the best technologies available on the market with which we ensure the highest quality, very high precision and cost optimization for the customer.

Jobson Italy company’s services for the shipbuilding industry

Among the services Jobson Italy provides to its customers, our workshop is mainly involved in re-conditioning of ship components with re-certification of the same with the main Classification Bodies. We also have a large warehouse equipped with ample storage of such reconditioned and certified components, products that are ready to be shipped by whatever means is deemed appropriate and arrive quickly at the site of the operation.

The shipyard is mainly active in ship repair: in fact, we deal with repair and rebuilding of marine engines, construction and restoration of ship boilers, heat exchangers and radiators. We also offer air conditioning maintenance and restoration services, chiller repair, pump service, mechanical repairs of ship components, electro repairs, perform carpentry work, replacement and installation of shipboard piping.

Our team is equipped for ultrasonic cleaning of large air coolers, with associated certification of the same after cleaning to ensure the highest quality and safety of the final result. Specifically, the following services for the marine engineering industry are available at Jobson Italy:

  • Turbocharger spare parts (motors, air intakes and outlets, vanes, nozzles, bearings, pumps);
  • Compressor parts (valves, pistons, plates, springs and gaskets);
  • marine equipment (radar, gyroscopes, automatic pilots, sirens, halon-carbon dioxide fire extinguisher service);
  • Oil separator spare parts (L.O., H.F.O. and D.O. generator filters);
  • Navigation repairs (service, technical advice and support);
  • Storage and warehousing (spare parts of ship components).